Day 1 - May 25

15:00 - 18:00 UTC
Anonymous Participant
LATOKEN Online Roadshow "Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: Fintech and Blockchain"

Day 2 - May 26

06:10 - 06:35 UTC
Henri Arslanian
Partner, Asia FinTech Leader at PwC
Latest Global Crypto Trends: from Libra and central bank digital currencies to crypto hedge funds and fundraising
06:40 - 07:00 UTC
Tianyu Yang
CEO, Co-Founder at TEAMZ
Why marketing and community are so important for projects
07:30 - 07:50 UTC
Bowie Lau
Managing Director at MaGESpire
Investors' perspectives on trends in Alternative Investments
09:00 - 09:20 UTC
Kohei Kurihara
Tokyo Chapter President at Government Blockchain Organization
Leveraging Blockchain for GDPR and COVID19 data surveillance
09:20 - 09:35 UTC
Aly Madhavji
Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund
How Blockchain is Driving ROI in various industries: real use cases and full-deployments of blockchain in corporate business prosesses
09:35 - 09:50 UTC
Didi Taihuttu
Evangelist, Speaker at The Bitcoin Family
The all-in Bitcoin Life is possible!
09:50 - 10:10 UTC
Richard Wang
Managing Partner at Draper Dragon Fund
How VC help to build blockchain infrustructure
10:10 - 10:40 UTC
Ivan Ivanov
Founding partner at Uvecon.VC

Panelists: Ivan Ivanov  Charles Cai  Josh Goodbody  Charles Cai  George Chu  Ryan Lackey 

How blockchain revolutionizes Capital market
10:40 - 11:10 UTC
Dunstan Teo
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at Fido Protocol

Panelists: Kyle Chasse  Sergey Fradkov  Alexaner Kalmykov  Daniele Marinelli  Dunstan Teo 

Constructing a Comprehensive Blockchain Ecosystem
11:10 - 11:45 UTC
Nataly Simson
Modern Blockchain Infrastructures: analysis, trends, and what features will they have tomorrow?
12:00 - 12:15 UTC
Michelle Chivunga
Founder, CEO at Global Policy House
Global Woman Blockchain Leader - Bringing Blockchain to the world, a global overview!
12:20 - 12:50 UTC
On Yavin
CEO at Cointelligence

Panelists: Daniel De Weyer  On Yavin  Alessio Quaglini  Calvin Ng  Alexandre Kech 

Decentralized financial system.Challenges and Advantages
13:15 - 13:45 UTC
Ekaterina Volkova
Co-Founder & BDD at RIO DeFi

Panelists: Dusan Stojanovic  Anthony Lai  Ekaterina Volkova  Mru Patel  Manuel Batista 

Future money: private banks, central banks and blockchain digital currencies
13:45 - 14:15 UTC
Rico Pang
Co-Founder | Managing Partner at FIDO Protocol | Sanctum Ventures

Panelists: Rico Pang  Magnus Jones  Mudit Dawar  James Row  Geossiel A. Cotoco 

21st Century Fintech VS Regulation
14:15 - 14:30 UTC
Dr. Pavel Kravchenko
Co-Founder, CEO at Distributed Lab
The Role of Blockchain Technology in Digital Transformation of the Country
15:00 - 15:45 UTC
James Zhang
Founding Partner at Black Panther Capital

Panelists: James Zhang  Alvaro Fernandez  Jason Fang  Omer Ozden 

A snapshot of the beginning of 2020 and the lessons for the future
15:45 - 16:05 UTC
Mohd Shahnawaz
President at Government Blockchain Association UAE
Building World's First Blockchain City
16:05 - 16:25 UTC
Stephen Kelso
Head of Markets at ITI Capital
Multi-asset allocation into digital assets for the post-Covid investment cycle
16:25 - 16:40 UTC
Giacomo Arcaro
Growth Hacker at Blackchain
Low Touch Economy
16:45 - 17:00 UTC
Al Ewers
Managing Partner at Potrero Capital
Raising Capital in a Panic
17:00 - 18:00 UTC
Elizaveta Pershina
Partner at Uvecon VC
18:30 - 18:45 UTC
Jorge Sebastiao
CTO at Confidential
Assets tokenization. The real value of blockchain
18:45 - 19:00 UTC
Lon Wong
CEO at ProximaX
STO - The New Paradigm
19:00 - 19:15 UTC
Gonzalo Sanchez Slik
Head of BD and IR at
Property tokenization — Real Estate investment
19:15 - 19:40 UTC
Thomas Feagans
Co-Founder at Ohanacity
Resilency Digital ecosystems at lightning speed: Bringing forward a new Ecosystem and empowers manufactures, distributors and reailers to easily bring business value and trusted products to market.
20:00 - 20:30 UTC
Xenia Vyazemskaya
Founder at It Takes Two

Panelists: Mariela Tanchez  Tumelo Ramaphosa  Xenia Vyazemskaya  Nata Drik   Matthew Unger 

Regulation as the first key for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Why Industries should prepare
20:30 - 21:00 UTC
Dr. Ben Goertzel
Founder at SingularityNET
Future of Blockchain and AI
21:30 - 21:45 UTC
Gordon Einstein
Founding partner at CRYPTOLAW PARTNERS
Money Laundering 2020:AMLD5 and TAFT
21:45 - 22:00 UTC
Marshall Hayner
CEO, Co-Founder at Metal
The Fintech future is now: blockchains that interract with banks
22:00 - 22:30 UTC
Irina Berkon
Co-Founder at Golden Seeds, IBLS Global

Panelists: Morvareed Z. Salehpour  E.John Park  Mark Li  Marc Boiron  Dmitri Alexeev 

Service Blockchain and Crypto Companies in the US-regulated environment
22:30 - 22:50 UTC
Miguel Francis-Santiago
Founder and Producer at the Future is Now
Decenralized Media and Human Evolution
22:50 - 23:05 UTC
Bruce Porter
CEO at GlobalBoost
Investing in Blockchain for All Mankind
23:10 - 23:30 UTC
Dave Chapman
Executive Director at BC Group
Libra Effect
00:30 - 01:00 UTC
Tone Vays
Consultant, Researcher at Derivatives Trader
Trading and manipulation on financial and crypto market
01:00 - 01:30 UTC
Gabriel Zanko
Founder / Advisor / Investor at Mobileyourlife (

Panelists: Ryan Rabaglia  Elizier Liew  Gabriel Zanko 

Derivatives and futures
01:30 - 02:00 UTC
Eric Ma
CEO at BiONE Exchange

Panelists: Lennix Lai  Eric Ma  Chern Chung  Jason Luo 

World Top Crypto Exchanges Insights on the Market Trends and Possibilities
03:30 - 03:50 UTC
Johnny Yao
Oversea Sales VP at Canaan
Market Momentum - best time to invest/venture into mining
03:50 - 04:20 UTC
Olga Kochmar
CEO at ZioNodes
Bitcoin Mining : The Past, Present, and Future
04:20 - 05:20 UTC
Jose Luis
CEO at ZyTech123
Post halving. How different is mining production compare to last months prior to halving event?

Day 3 - May 27

06:00 - 06:30 UTC
Relena Sei
CEO at Jumpstart Magazine

Panelists: Jayne Chan  Jason Hsu  William Bao  Relena Sei  Patrick Tsang 

The state of Asian tech: where are we today and what’s next?
06:30 - 06:50 UTC
Wu Kai
Vice Chairman at Shenzhen Baoan District General Chamber of Commerce
How to confront the epidemic: Harnessing technology to fight COVID-19 (China experience)
06:50 - 07:20 UTC
Kim Seng aka Max Teh
Chairman, CEO at Netrove Ventures

Panelists: Shawn Dehpanah  Kingsley Kobayashi  Kim Seng aka Max Teh  Kid Parchariyanon 

Corporate innovation, digitalization, investments
07:20 - 07:35 UTC
Ben Cheng
Director at OurSky
AI and Big Data. Asian experience.
07:45 - 08:10 UTC
Alex Blagirev
Chief Digital & Investor Relations Officer at Sensorium Corporation
Why VR is going to take over the new reality
08:10 - 08:40 UTC
Musheer Ahmed
Founder & Managing Director at FinStep Asia, FinTech Association HK

Panelists: Julia Charlton  Musheer Ahmed  Imran Jattala  Tony A. Verb  Michael Sung  

China’s steps in tech on its way to becoming no#1 world economy. One belt one road initiative in tech
08:40 - 08:45 UTC
Max Song
Not specified at Carbonbase
Climate change inevitability and the way we are able to act
08:45 - 09:15 UTC
Tze-Wei NG
Consultant at Vivien Teu & Co LLP

Panelists: Desmond Marshall  Avril Rae  Max Song  Tze-Wei NG 

Incorporating Impact of Climate Risk into Business Model
09:15 - 09:35 UTC
Andy Ann
Co-Founder at Golmpact

Panelists: Andy Ann  Bill Kentrup 

New Technologies
09:35 - 10:00 UTC
Miroslav Polzer
Executive Director at AIIA

Panelists: Miroslav Polzer   Ojas Vyas 

International regulation
10:00 - 10:20 UTC
Hadi Al Alawi
Chairman, CEO at AlHayat Group
Next generation of family business, succession plan
10:20 - 10:50 UTC
Andrew Lin
Co-Founder at LimeHK

Panelists: Minesh Pore  Andrew Lin  Eric Osiakwan  Anna Frankowska 

The golden rule for the digital edge: transforming Leadership and Business
10:50 - 11:20 UTC
Dinis Guarda
CEO, Founder at

Panelists: Dinis Guarda  RAZIF ABDUL AZIZ  William Hui  Aniko Szigetvari 

Fundraising and investment trends in tech 2020
11:20 - 11:30 UTC
Kai Liang
Director of Business Development at MEL Science
VR/AR assisted Edtech: what worked and what will work better
11:30 - 12:00 UTC
Dr. Julien Weissenberg
Founder, AI Scientist at VisualSense AI

Panelists: Asheesh Chanda  Robert Vasilyev   Igor Basko 

Mastering Business 4:0 with AI, IOT and Big Data
12:00 - 12:15 UTC
Dinis Guarda
CEO, Founder at
COVID19 is a Chance to Build a new cities abc Magna Carta Charter of Liberties for Humanity with 4IR, smart cities Tech, Blockchain AI
12:15 - 12:30 UTC
Yu Xiong
Professor, Researcher at professor, reseacher
Economic and Technology Trend for Post COVID19
12:30 - 13:00 UTC
Anna Kaczmarska
CEO at Digital Hermes

Panelists: Renu Bhatia  Anna Kaczmarska 

The importance of Biotech in the Current State. Successful Cases and the Social Impact they Create
13:00 - 13:30 UTC
Padraig Walsh
Partner at Tanner De Witt

Panelists: Agnieszka Wiercinska-Kruzewska  Dr. Mohsen Rezayat  Michael Nitardy  Padraig Walsh 

Balancing privacy, data ethics and public health in a post-pandemic world
14:15 - 15:00 UTC
Monty Munford
Co-Founder at BlockSpeak

Panelists: Prashat Surana  Mamadou Toure  Lizzie Chapman  Bruce Jeong  Monty Munford 

Building the digital infrastructure thougout the world. Fintech as a tool to leverage developing economies. Indian, African and other countries example
14:50 - 15:05 UTC
Yi Wu
CEO at Beijing Hycore Innovation
HICOOL - New Impetus for enterpreneurship in Beijing
15:00 - 15:20 UTC
James F Haft
CEO at PAL Capital
DLT from the a perspective of society, economy, politics, religion an education
15:30 - 16:00 UTC
H.E.Hussain Mohammed Al Mahmoudi
CEO at Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park
Investing in Emerging Technology: Which technology will have brought about the most change in 2025?
16:00 - 16:20 UTC
Ertan Can
Managing Partner at Multiple Capital
European VC ecosystem ( from an LP perspective)
16:35 - 17:00 UTC
Elizaveta Pershina
Partner at Uvecon VC

Panelists: Nick Mitushin  Ik Kanu  Nnena Nkongho  Elizaveta Pershina 

Technology private market investment opportunity landscape. How to get access to the hottest technology placements?
17:00 - 17:30 UTC
Eva Andriyash
CEO, BoD at IxD Capital

Panelists: Alexandra (Sasha) Johnson  Stergios Voskopoulos  Florian Kemmerich  Rober tJ. Rubinstein  Eva Andriyash  

Impact investments in EmTech: how we can unleash the collective intelligence of humanity through the growing power of technology
17:30 - 18:30 UTC
Ivan Ivanov
Founding partner at Uvecon.VC
19:00 - 19:20 UTC
Benjamin Talin
Founder, CEO at
#bethechange - How can technology and knowledge have an impact on the problems of the world
19:40 - 20:00 UTC
Jay Latta
CEO at STINT - Strategic Intelligence for New Technologies
Collapse or transformation
20:00 - 20:20 UTC
Daniele Bernardi
CEO at Diaman Partners Ltd
WealthTech: the future of wealth management industry will be hybrid
21:00 - 21:20 UTC
Fernando Martinho
CTO at Naoris
National Digital Currencies and DLT can prevent a Depression/Recession
21:40 - 22:00 UTC
Miko Matsumura
Not specified at Evercoin
Blockchain state of the union and personal cybersecurity
22:00 - 22:30 UTC
Kyle Ellicott
Founder & Investor at Topio Networks & Intersect VC

Panelists: Kyle Ellicott  Julian Zegelman  Anna Tische 

The state of US tech: where are we today and what’s next?
22:20 - 22:40 UTC
Alexander Subbotin
CEO at ByteSnipers GmbH
Securing Network Infrastructure Is Not Only Technical Issue
22:30 - 22:45 UTC
Bill Yuan
Chairman at RDC Corporation
The next evolution of energy / power as a new asset class for the infrastructure sector
23:30 - 00:00 UTC
Eric Woo
Co-Founder at Project M

Panelists: Chris Shen 

New ways to venture capital (US practice)
00:00 - 00:15 UTC
Derek Kwick
Managing Partner, TEDx Speaker at Brave Soldier Venture Capital
00:30 - 01:00 UTC
Peter Williams
Not specified at CitiBank
The role of stories and serendipity in innovation — how being human and happenstance help
01:00 - 01:30 UTC
James Ho
Senior Business Strategist at Animoca Brands
Blockchain technology in gaming. Non Fungible Tokens and the digital economies. Case studies
01:30 - 02:00 UTC
Tim Zhu
Co-Founder, CTO at
Investments into esports and entertainment
02:00 - 02:20 UTC
Wing Lee
Cofounder at WNJ Ventures
Digital Gaming & Esports - New investment Frontier
02:30 - 03:00 UTC
Irina Berkon
Co-Founder at Golden Seeds, IBLS Global

Panelists: Irina Berkon  Barbara Bickham  Adesuwa Okunbo  Ada Zhao 

WOMEN LEADERSHIP IN TECH: Global Impact and ambitions
03:00 - 03:30 UTC
Cissy Ma
Grow and Sell Your Biz at APAC Women's Mentoring Circle

Panelists: Kate Eliseeva  Liz Purnell-Webb  Cissy Ma  Eva Law 

FemTech as an invesment trend 2020
03:30 - 04:00 UTC
Charles Cai
co-Founder, CEO at InfiniVision iABC Labs
IIoT + Blockchain for post-Pandemic Clean Energy Industry

Day 4 - May 28

12:00 - 15:00 UTC
Juliet Su
co-organizer at digital week
LATOKEN Online Roadshow "The Laws of Investments during the COVID 19 Pandemic"
15:00 - 17:00 UTC
Ivan Ivanov
Founding partner at Uvecon.VC
4 pm UK time LATOKEN Startup leaders' club "Business model pivot in the Era of Pandemic"
17:00 - 18:00 UTC
Mamadou Toure
Founder at Ubuntu Tribe
Why will blockchain and A.I. disrupt economies

Day 5 - May 29

16:19 - 16:19 UTC
Juliet Su
co-organizer at digital week
Sturtup leaders' club
15:00 - 17:00 UTC
Juliet Su
co-organizer at digital week
LATOKEN Online Roadshow "Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: Fintech and Blockchain"
18:15 - 20:15 UTC
Juliet Su
co-organizer at digital week
Keynote "Staying on the Mechanical Bull: The Power of Resilience in Startup Entrepreneurship" by Cheryl Contee, CEO | Do Big Things

Day 6 - May 30

Day 7 - May 31